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How to stay focused at home

Working from home can be extremely convenient especially if you can plan your day on your own and are not depended on any calls or meetings. On the other side there are many distractions that can keep you simply out of track. Here are seven tips based on my experience that will help you stay focused while working from home:

  1. Put some clothes on

While working from home shifting directly from bed in front of your computer in your pajamas, can be very tempting. But pajamas rather destroy than create working atmosphere. I noticed that it’s better to get fully ready for the day, otherwise you might end up in bed again.


  1. Choose your work space

If you don’t have a separate room, that could be your office at home, choose a certain place where you will work. It could be a table in the kitchen or a small desk located in your bedroom – a spot in your apartment or home that you will consider your work space and will give you the right frame of mind.

  1. Let your family know!

If you work from home sporadically and your family members are not used to it really, inform them that this Friday you are in the “home office”. Make sure that they are aware that you are working, even if it might look for them like you are just hanging out at home.


  1. Prepare a to-do list

Take a couple of minutes in the morning to set up your tasks for the day. You can organize them in clusters. What does it mean? Group the tasks that are similar, for example writing e-mails, taking phone calls, making amendments in articles, and you will see that this saves time.

  1. Use your laundry or dishwasher as your timer

If you put on washing machine or dishwasher you will have a certain amount of time until it’s ready. Set some mini-deadlines that will motivate you, e.g. when you work on a PPT tell yourself to get to the certain slide before the wash cycle ends.

  1. Don’t work through

Make some clear breaks. If you feel like having a coffee take 10 minutes to prepare it. Don’t assume that you need to work through to be productive.

  1. Have a conscious lunch

Don’t eat your lunch in front of the computer. Unconscious eating in front of screen usually leads to overeating and dirty/sticky keyboard.


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