Gel Nail Polish without UV? Is It Possible?

We all love gel nail polishes as it can last up to a full month without chips, breaks or the need for extra coats. The list of advantages is quite long, how about the drawbacks? First of all time: if you are busy, you probably do not have time to visit a nail studio so you will need to invest a lot in a full set for gel nails inc. UV lamp and accessories by yourself. If gel nail polish isn’t removed correctly, it can leave cracks, pits or scrapes on the surface of your nail.

Currently the market is offering a whole range of “fake” gel nail polishes, where you do not need to use a UV light. All you need is to apply two layers of the colour and one coat of extra shiny gel top coat and let it dry. It was Sally Hansen with its Miracle Gel product that launched this type of nail polish as first. These days such products are offered by Essie, OPI, Rimmel, Golden Rose and many other brands.

Is fake gel nail polish so resistant like the original one? The answer is: no. Is it worth trying? Yes, because it is more chip-resistant than regular nail polish and easier to remove than gel nails. The price is another advantage, not to mention the wide range of colours. Each brand differs when it comes to consistency and colour intensity. Personally I tend to mix the brands and use the top coat from one brand for different colour nail polishes, including a regular nail polishes.

What are your experience with gel nail polishes without UV? Have you tried them?


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