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Computer, bad lightening, AC… Sitting long hours in the office can not only have a negative impact on your body’s condition and posture, but also influences your eyes. Integrate the 5 following simple steps into your office routine and feel more relaxed, better concentrated and fresh.

You look so sexy in glasses
Make sure that if you need glasses or contact lenses, you wear them! There is nothing worse than to ripple your face in order to see small letters on the screen. You will just get headache and wrinkles, and who needs them? Many big corporations subsidies the glasses of their employees. Double check with your employee, whether your company is offering this kind of service.

Blink, blink, blink
While focusing on the screen we tend to blink less, the tear production decreases which causes dry eyes. Remember to blink regularly, best every 4 seconds to keep your
eyes comfortable. If in your office space like in mine is a high AC think about using some moisturising eye drops.
My eyes are sensitive. I use contact lenses on a daily basis. If I forget my eye drops at work I simply put one drop of my contact lenses solution in each eye. It reduces the dryness and redness of my eyes.

The queen of the eye hygiene rules. Every 20 minutes, look for 20 second on an object located 20 feet (6 meter) away from you. The simplest thing to do is just to look outside of the window. If you sit in front of your computer for a while now, just try it out! Are your eyes any better?

Hot Hands
I like this exercise as it calms me down and gives me a feeling of freshness. Press your palms against each other and rub them until they become warm. Place your hands on your eyes. Keep them there for 1-2 minutes.

Keep your head still. Look up and down, to the left and to the right only using your eyes. Reach with your eyesight as far as you can. Now, make circles with  your eyes. Repeat 5 times on both sides.

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