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New Ikea Catalogue – For All Who Want To Live Their Own Way

Since autumn has officially started, days are getting shorter. It is time to spend evenings under the blanket by a candle light with a cup of hot tea. In order to make this time even more relaxing you can pick up some useful decorative pieces for your home that will enable you to rest at home after a busy day at work. An easy way to prepare yourself for a cosy autumn days is to have a look at the new Ikea catalogue, where you can find a lot of interesting ideas on how to set your environment in a relaxing mood without spending too much money.


My autumn favourite pick-ups are Ikea candles, blankets and cups. The links you can find below:

Ikea blanket

Ikea cup

Ikea candle


Who said that decorating home must be expensive? And what are your all-time-favourite Ikea items?


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