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Autumn evenings can be long, cold and dark. The lack of sun makes our body produce more melatonin which is responsible for our lethargy and apathy. Waking up in the morning and going to work becomes more difficult. In the evening we just want to wrap up ourselves in a cosy blanket and watch a movie or read a book. Mornings and evenings do not have to be that bad if we warm them up with a nice healthy cocktail, very easy to prepare. Here are my two recipes. Maybe you can try them out this evening?


14877733_10209906390769295_811860_nIngredients (portion for a pot)
– 1 or 2 fresh oranges (source of vitamin C, B and B1)
– cinnamon stick (lowers blood sugar levels, reduces heart disease risk factors)
– vanilla stick (contains antioxidants)
– cardamon (counteract digestive problems, our lethargy and muscle and joint pain)
– cloves (boost immune system)





Ingredients (portion for a pot)
– 1 or 2 fresh lemons (source of vitamin C, it cleanses your body – excellent in the morning)
– a piece of ginger (counteracts digestive problems)
– honey (helps boost your energy, natural antibiotics)


Directions: Put all the ingredients together in a pot. Pour cold water over the half of the pot. Add boiling water. Steer. It is important not to pour the ingredients only with boiling water as this will kill all the vitamins that are in the fruit and spices. The drink is ready.




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