Delegating – hot or not?

We are all almost all working within a team at work. Even our family and friends can be perceived as a team. Delegating seems like a perfect solution for a disaster situation, but let us look a bit closer at the concept and I am sure next time, you will think twice before making everything on your own.

Why delegating is so important? If you want to be a manager, even if you are suppose to manage your own life, delegating will help you to concentrate on priorities. It can also give others an opportunity to develop additional skills, so don’t be selfish! Picking up a correct person can even improve the process and add some value. You will be able to make some decisions quicker and as manager you will be able to grow together with your team.

So why are you afraid of delegating? Many of us thinks that making everything on our own is easier and quicker. Seriously? This is only your perception! Do not be afraid to shift some responsibility among others. This will not only make them feel important, but also shows them respect, especially if the tasks are challenging. Do not forget to tell, why you are reaching out to tem – this cannot be a coincidence.  You may also feel that other will perceive you as lazy and ruin your authority. My advice: if you want to be a true leader, do not think only about yourself, but seek for occasions for your team to develop.

How to delegate? No one says delegating would be easy, but definitely worth working on. It is crucial to trust your team to deliver a good job. Identify the appropriate person and explain the expectations along with rationale. Providing the exact amount of control and support should boost the confidence. Feedback is a gift, so do not hesitate with sharing your constructive remarks. Remember about the positives – nothing is obvious!

As you can see, mastering the art of delegating is not easy, but can bring a lot of positive atmosphere into each team. It depends on you, if you will delegate out of laziness, or true interest in making the most of each situation. Are you delegating or having problems with asking others for help?

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