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Climate Change – 10 Small Steps To Make a Big Difference

Global warming is not an imaginary, populist fantasy. Global warming is REAL.

Before the Flood
, a movie directed by Fisher Stevens, featured by Leonard DiCaprio in cooperation with National Geographic conveys a sobering truth about the climate change. It is a definitive must-see for everyone of us.

DiCaprio goes on a journey to five continents to witness consequences of climate change firsthand. He talks to scientists and discovers the worrying CO2 facts and figures. He also dismantles disinformation spread by politicians and big companies that try to control and confuse the public about the urgency and importance of global warming crisis.

Before the flood.PNG
Before the Flood

In the whole dramatic of the film, there is still hope for a better future for us, our children and grandchildren. Everyone of us can take action.

Here are some tips from the movie, that are easy to incorporate in your busy life. Living them at work and at home will reduce your negative climate impact:


You can also help our Earth right now: 
For every use of #BeforeTheFlood across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram between October 24 – November 18, 21st Century Fox and National Geographic will together donate $1 to Pristine Seas and $1 to the Wildlife Conservation Society, up to $50,000 to each organization.

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