Work-Life Balance

Nowadays, people are searching for work-life balance. But what does it actually mean?  As you can see this concept suggest that we are suppose to find it and distinguish between our professional and private life. But let’s face it: work is actually being part of our life, so is it even possible to divide? Let’s have a closer look at work-life balance from a pretty different angle.

First of all, for all of us the work-life balance will have a different meaning. If someone’s goal will be receiving a promotion, he/she will focus more on work, which is perfectly fine. For mothers taking care of a child, it will probably be more natural to put more energy into family life. And both situation are balanced. Being balanced can mean that you are aware the fact that the proportion of these two spheres of your life is changing and you are accepting it. Actually it can be pretty annoying and time consuming to always stick to the 50/50 scheme. It even probably never be possible, so why struggle with it?

I have observed that currently many entrepreneurs or people working from home are lacking discipline. They are not setting a clear line between work and spare time. They’re browsing on the Internet all day long and pretending to work, which result is the fact that they seem to be busy all the time. For me it seems to be essential to identify the time when you are working from your free time. There is a separate post on How to stay focused at home, which I highly recommend to all of you, who are facing such difficulties. Do not be to harsh with you and try to enjoy your life!

And do you feel balanced? Any tips?




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