5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Dressing For A Job Interview

So they called! The recruitment team liked your CV and you got an invitation for an interview. Apart from learning some facts about your new potential employer, checking your interviewees’ profiles on LinkedIn and preparing answers for some typical questions, you definitively should think about making a great first impression. Whether we like it or not, people unconsciously judge us based on our appearance, so a neat, professional look is a must.

While choosing the perfect job interview outfit stand in front of the mirror and check whether you have thought about the following aspects:

  1. Does your outfit fit into the branch you will be working for? 
    Are you applying for a job in the banking or law sector? Is it a creative job in a newspaper or advertisement agency? Or are you aiming to get a job in a supermarket or a restaurant? It is important that your interview outfit is professionally appropriate to the position for which you are applying. If you are unsure you can always call the HR department and ask them what they recommend you to wear. Remember, it is always better to be slightly over dressed than to look too casual.blog1
  2. Are your feeling comfortable in your outfit?
    Make sure that you can walk in your shoes without making them bleed, sit in your skirt without sucking in your belly, and wear your blouse without being scared that buttons might open up. Feeling comfortable in your clothes will make you feel and look self-confident.15271460_10154715008286462_754335376_o
  3. Are your clothes clean and ironed? Are your shoes tidy?
    You can wear the most elegant blouse, but if it requires to be ironed and is not, it looks really unprofessional. In the worst case scenario your future employer might think, you are lazy. Make sure that your clothes look neat and pressed. Cut off all the protruding threads. Polish your shoes.15231650_10154715012856462_496241298_o
  4. Do you look professional? 
    When in your free time you can wear anything you want, make sure your job interview outfit does not consist of a too short dress with a deep decollete, big earrings and tones of plastic bracelets. Even if you have the brightest mind, this kind of look might give your future employer a wrong impression and deprive you of the desired job. Go for an ‘appropriate’ outfit. Choose minimalistic accessories. An elegant bag and notebook, will give you an extra professional touch.
    Also, while a little make-up is OK, putting a thick mask on your face will make you look classless. Try to use as less as possible. A bit of a good foundation, mascara, and rouge will highlight your natural beauty, but won’t cover your face.15233659_10154715013251462_419470333_o
  5. Are the colors of your clothes sober?
    Unless you are applying for the most creative job on earth, try to avoid glaring, aggressive colors, like red, orange, pink, green and yellow. Choose rather calm tones. Black is boring. But dark blue, grey and beige for skirts, jackets, dresses and trousers look always professional and evoke trust. With those colors you can combine a cream, white, light blue or grey blouse. Professional, elegant look is guaranteed.



Blouse: H&M
Trousers & Belt: Zara
Shoes: Michael Kors (similar here)
Bag: Tom Tailor


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