Bandi Exclusive Fem@le – Energy Cocktail For Your Skin

If you are an active women dealing with a lot of stressful situations on a daily basis you may have an impression that your skin starts running out of energy. If you are looking for a remedy to have a relaxed and full of energy skin, Bandi cosmetics may be a perfect choice. Bandi is a Polish manufacturer of professional cosmetics as well as a wide range of cosmetics for home use.  Fem@le 35+ line was designed especially for women who lead an active but irregular lifestyle and are exposed to the harmful influence of toxins, air conditioning and air pollution.

I would like to share with you my first impressions in regard to Fem@le 35+ line. It was designed to accelerate aging protection and smooth first wrinkles. After using for over a month both day and night cream along with the eye balm I have observed that firmness and elasticity of my skin were improved and my skin became smoother and illuminates. Additionally both creams can support the hydrolipid layer that is often affected by environmental factors e.g. winter wind, to restore.


The line consists of energizing cream SPF 15, energizing multi active cocktail, night cream and eye balm. My favourite piece of the series is the make-up remover set Make-up remover kit. It consists of two steps: silky oil make-up remover and soft cleansing foam. Instead of being afraid of the 35+ signature on the package, I have had a look at the ingredient list, where you can find precious oils like olive, rice, and argan one, which I think can be used at any age. Do not believe the advert, but always have a quick look at the ingredient list. Be conscious and stay beautiful!


What are your favourite cosmetics and beauty tips for your skin to stay young and glowing?

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