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5 Simple Tips On Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics in the office is very important not only to increase our efficiency at work but also to keep our body in a good shape for many years. 8 hours in front of the computer certainly leave foot prints in our posture. Keeping in mind the five following rules will help you to prevent office injuries.

  1. Sit correctly
    Get to know all the knobs on your chair. Put your chair in a position suitable for your high. This means, your feet are touching the ground on the whole surface, your knees should be band in 90 degrees. Don’t cross your legs. Lean your low back on the back of a chair – it should be supported. Change your chair to a ball from time to time. Your nose should be pointing the middle of your screen.
  2. Work ergonomically 
    While having a call, don’t keep your phone between your shoulder and neck. Don’t squeeze the mouse too hard. If you have a problem with your wrist check out vertical mouses available on the market, e.g. Evoluent. Don’t press the keyboard keys too aggressive. Place all the necessary items within reach.ball1edited
  3. Take breaks
    After each hour of work rest for 5 minutes and relax your muscles. Take strolls in your office. Make a coffee in the farthest kitchen or go to the toilet located on a different floor. Lift your eyes away from the screen, check out what’s happening outside. You can find some eyes exercises ideas on our blog.
  4. Move
    Use stairs instead of lift whenever possible. Make sure your wrists are warm. Make some stretching even siting on your chair. Strengthen your back and stomach muscles. Try to exercise regularly. Read more about our tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise.
  5. Don’t worry
    Not only bad sitting habits, but also stress can cause neck and back pain. Don’t try to control things you don’t have any influence on. Allow yourself to go on holidays from time to time. Loose the tension in your facial muscles. Don’t clench your jaw.

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