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10 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Businesswomen

Christmas madness is starting to speed up. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a busy, creative woman in business you might have a look at some of our gifts ideas.

  1. A stylish accessory which will pimp her business outfit
    Many times I hear women complaining that they are fed up with the formal business look. A bit dared and not obvious accessory can spice up very classic and simple look.

Lady’s Butterfly, Willsoor – 23.99 EUR

Grey & Pink Corsage Neck Tie, ASOS  – 9 EUR

2. Elegant writing utensils.
Even tough making notes on an laptop seems to be the most popular way nowadays, some of my colleagues still enjoy writing minutes with a pen. So how about they would make notes with a nice and professional tool, instead of a cheap promotional pen?


IM Premium Pink Pearl, Parker – 48 EURsvarowski.PNG

Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Pen, Svarovski – 29 EUR

3. Vertical mouse
Working on a computer all day long, clicking and typing, can make your hands tired, tingly, sore, and even numb. Many people suffer under so called tennis wrist injury, caused by unnatural movement in your arm and wrist. A vertical mouse would be a great gift and a perfect solution to their wrist problems.


Scroll M910 Wireless Vertical Mouse, Etekcity – 20 EUR


Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, Anker – 24 EUR

4. Planner Calendar
A well organized planner could be a great present found under the Christmas tree. It helps to go smoothly through out the day and reminds us of our goals, plans and aspirations.

4-in-1: Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Goals Organizer, Tools4Wisdom – 27 EUR

Daily Calendar, Panda Planner – 37 EUR

5. Lunch box
A busy woman needs to eat properly to stay full of energy and be able to work on a full speed. A nice lunch box which she can take with her to work will definitely make her life easier.

Lunch Tote w/ Tab, Artifact – 47 EUR


Lunch box GoEat by Anna Lewandowska – 21 EUR

Travelus Lunch Bag, MochiThings – 33 EUR

6. Business books worth reading

Caroline Webb, a former McKinsey consultant shares facts-based ways to balance work and life.

how to have a good day.PNG

How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb – 15 EUR


C.K. Bray offers action-based plan for building the career of your dreams.

best job ever.PNG

Best Job Ever! by C.K. Bray. – 13 EUR


Chris Anderson, the Head of Ted gives tips on how to create unforgettable talks.


TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson – 13 EUR

7. Little things that will make her working area look cozier and nicer
8 hours in the office can be much nicer with unique accessories and well organized desk.

Laptop Skin, DecalGirl – 18.99 EUR

Leather Desk Pad – 43 EUR

Desk Lamps, Ikea – from 10 EUR

8. An elegant laptop bag
Is she carrying two heavy bags with her? A laptop bag and a handbag? Our solution: a trendy laptop bag that will fit any business outfit.

Royal Republiq Laptop Bags – from 150 EUR

9. A stylish watch
A stylish watch is a must-have every woman, especially those in business. Choose a classic model that will fit every outfit and occasion.



Skagen – 196.99 EUR


Kate Spade – 185 EUR


Michael Kors – 214 EUR

10. Vouchers for a professional business photo session
In business, you should look professional… on a photo as well. A voucher for a professional business photo session is a great idea for a gift. It’s great to use in your Outlook, as profile picture on LinkedIn or attached to your CV while applying for a job.

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