Lonely in the office during Christmas period? – 6 things that can keep you busy

Your co-workers took holidays and you are the only person in the office? The normally so crowded open space is empty and quiet? You don’t get immediate or ad-hoc tasks from your boss? The Christmas & New Year season arrived. We have prepared a small list of things you can do in the office when you are working alone during the holidays period.

  1. Get rid of your backlog
    Finally you have time for things that were always at the back of your head, needed to be done, but were not that urgent so you kept them for a long time on your to-do list. Now is time for you to make them sorted!
  2. Tidy your mail-box and files on your laptop
    We all have some folders in our inbox but there is not always enough time to drag them to the right folder. The same is with tones of documents saved on various locations on your laptop. Use your quiet time to tidy up your mail-box and computer folders. Your life will be so much easier!
  3. Have a read
    If there is nothing really to do, have a read on your industry specific literature. It’s good to be up-to-date with the trends and tools that are on the market. I am sure your boss will appreciate your knowledge. You can also share it with your colleagues on your team meeting after holidays.
  4. Thank your clients and colleagues
    The Christmas and New Years period is the time of summarizing and reflecting on the old year. Appreciation of good work and relationship in the office is seen as something very positive and professional. Send your colleagues, bosses or clients ‘Thank You’ cards. Tell them why you value your cooperation and state that you are looking forward for a fruitful 2017!
  5. Work ahead of time
    If there is anything that needs to be done just after the holidays period – don’t procrastinate and do it as soon as possible. While doing it you will be seen as proactive and get some extra points by your boss.
  6. Make some plans for the future
    Now you finally have time to look back at deals and projects you worked on all year long and ask yourself what could you do better? Maybe there are some recurring mistakes or problems? There is always room for improvement. Based on that you can prepare a plan for future actions.

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