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5 Recommended Calendars for 2017

If you want to successfully start 2017, you should get organized. Planning will help you to achieve your goals. Personally I cannot imagine working without a calendar. Here are 5 top choices of paper calendars for 2017.

1.   A Classy One

Moleskine has pioneered a number of innovative techniques when it comes to planning and thus can offer a wide range of calendars. You can select a calendar according to your preferences e.g. daily or weekly planners, horizontal or vertical layouts, pocket, medium or large sizes, 12 or 18- month diary. If you are a fan of Batman or Petit Prince you can also choose one from limited edition. What is more, you can personalize it. Any more wishes?

2. A Calendar That Will Inspire You

National Geographic Calendar is a part of a dazzling series of images featuring the most scenic places in the Earth. Twelve month calendars offers an inspiring journey through unspoiled wilderness, over majestic mountains, cavernous canyons and rippling rivers. Each outstanding image is accompanied by insightful information. This calendar can serve as a picture over your desk and can give you a feeling of holiday and journey everyday. What is more, National Geographic calendar are eco friendly as they are printed with soya-based inks on certified paper. No drawbacks noticed.


3.  A Practical One

With a plain simple Desk Calendar you will have a perfect overview of your agenda. Desk pad with classic styling helps protect your desk. One month per page layout lets you view all your monthly plans at once. Desk pad is printed in black ink on white paper for a classic, stylish look. Pages are perforated for easy and clean removal at the end of each month. With desk calendar you are not going to miss any of your appointments or tasks. This minimalist version of a calendar will help you to get organized at your work place.

4. A Calendar That Will Boost Your Productivity

The Productivity Planner was invented by entrepreneur and you tuber Alex Ikonn. It aim is to help you to accomplish your goals, dreams, and focus on your most important tasks, not the busy work that makes days slip away. Built from proven productivity principles throughout history, the Productivity Planner has been designed to help you beat procrastination and get more important work done. Sound interesting? You can also check on the Five-Minute Journal.

5. A Funny Calendar

Planning with a calendar sounds boring for you? In order not to get discouraged, invest in a Funny Calendar that you will enjoy using. There are many options for calendars with your favorites films stars, a maxim expressing joy of life or a daily joke. Who said that using a calendar must be boring? You are the boss here, so make a good choice!


And what are your recommendations for calendars for 2017?

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