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Forget about New Year’s Resolutions

Tonight 2017 will knock on our door. At the turn of years we tend to make New Year’s resolutions that will help us live our lives fuller, and become better, more successful, and happier.

Resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Often the New Year’s resolutions mean putting yourself under pressure and dictating what you should or should not do. We should go regularly to the gym, we shouldn’t eat sweets, we should be more assertive, we shouldn’t waste time on watching TV, we should meet our parents more often, we shouldn’t smoke.

KPIlife’s philosophy is different. Resolutions lead to a change and changing yourself resembles planning of a journey. First you need to look around to identify where are you at the moment, then you need to decide where you want to go and finally think about how to reach your desired destination. But the most important question we should ask ourselves is ‘why’ we want to undergo this journey.

So forget about a strict and empty ‘should & should not’ list and make your New Year’s resolutions differently this year. And here is how… 🙂


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