Shirt Is A Woman’s Best Friend

I have nothing to put on me today…- If these words sound familiar to you, see some of our simple outfits with three different shirts and get inspired.

  1. A floral one

A floral shirt is a perfect choice for a interesting female outfit. Colorful floral print will boost your energy and you do not need much accessories to think about. Plain colors will be a perfect background for flowers. On contrary, you can also be creative and try to match the floral with other patterns.


Shirt: Pretty One,  Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Tamaris, Watch: Skagen, Bag: Sabrina Pilewicz

2. A classic white one

A simple plain white shirt can be worn with everything so you can either dress it up or down. Plain colors will make you look smart and easy-going , whereas if you want to play with other shades or fabrics, you will still look neat. This option can be easily transformed from day to night look by just adding a clutch bag and high heels.



Shirt: Willsoor,  Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Tamaris, Watch: Skagen, Bag: Sabrina Pilewicz

3. A checked shirt 

A checked skirt is more relaxed option that is a perfect choice for any informal occasion. Depending on how you will style it, it offers a lot of possibilities to go for like jeans or skirt. In order to give your look more dynamic try to roll up your sleeves.


Shirt: Willsoor,  Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Tamaris, Watch: Skagen, Bracelet: Swarovski

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