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Get Things Done With Google Keep

Do you want to boost your productivity? Try Google Keep app! As the name suggest it will help you to keep important things on your phone wherever you are.

Google Keep app provides plenty of functionalities e.g. get a reminder or make a photo of a document or inspiration and easily organize it so that you can go back to it if needed. My favorite option is to prepare a list e.g. a shopping one, or a to-do list which you can share with your friends and family, which are updated in real time. In order to concentrate on important topics you can easy make a short note or record a voice memo and come back to it in a right time.

If you want to personalize your data, you have a wide variety of labels, color codes and views, which you can use to manage your notes. Search option is also available. Personally what I like most is the fact that the Keep app can simply synch  with all Android driven devices so your thoughts are always updated.

And what are your favorite ways of getting things done?


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