Easy Everyday Make Up In 3 Steps

I strongly believe that for a sleek make up look we do not need more than 10 minutes. Here is a tutorial on how to do some easy everyday make up in 3 steps. Check it out and start your day with this small beauty ritual.

  1. Complexion

Even your skin with a long lasting foundation. In case you have any dark under eyes circles apply a concealer. Then fix it with a loose powder to stay intact for the whole day. After applying a peachy blush, your skin will wake up and look fresh.


2. Eyes

Your eyes are very important part of your look so spend a few minutes on making them look brilliant. A good eye shadow base will make the eye shadow to look pretty all day. Try a simple smudged brown line along your eye lashes to define your eyes. use a black mascara to open your eyes and define your look.  Do not forget to comb your eye brows as they are the frame of your face.



3. Lips

Apply your favorite lip gloss or lipstick  to complete that natural make up. Take some lip product with you in order to grab it any time at work or in the evening. You can play with the color and apply some darker shade for a drink after work. Red lips is the easiest way to look more feminine.


And here is how the ready make up looks like. It took less than 10 minutes.


Here you can see the products that I used. This is a good basis for any make up type you would like to go for. Additionally you can easily transform it from day into evening look.


Try to re-create the look and share with us your tricks to look amazing in less than 10 minutes.



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