Good Mug, Good Morning

A perfect morning starts with a perfect coffee. Nowadays, we have such a variety of choices: black, americano, cappuccino, latte, with soy, almond, lactose free milk. There is no end. But what about the mug?

According to one study, a mug’s look does impact the way consumers perceive their coffee on levels of intensity and sweetness. In gastronomy, the appearance plays an integral role to preparation of dishes. We say our eyes eat and they drink too. So why not enjoy our morning coffee drinking from a beautiful mug that you carry with you on the go?


There are some important factors to consider before choosing a right coffee mug:

1. What is it made out of?
On the market there are three types of thermal mugs available: made out of metal (stainless steel or aluminium), porcelain or plastic – the last two are less resistant. It’s also good to know that some high quality steel mugs have a silver layer on the inside which is antibacterial.

2. How long does it keep your coffee warm?
A good metal, double wall coffee mug stays warm up to 12 hours, a plastic or porcelain mug up to 2 hours only.

3. Can you use it comfortably?
The mug  should be comfortable to use and easy to hold. Its ergonomic shape should allow a stable maintenance and manipulation of the mug. Choose a mug with a leak-proof cover and an automatic lock. Also, think about the suitable capacity. The smallest mugs start with 200ml and will fit into a small rucksack or handbag. For your comfort choose a mug that can be placed in the dishwasher.

4. Do you like the design?
You can say “Who cares? It’s just a coffee mug”, but I believe that it’s always nicer to surround yourself with beautiful objects than the ugly ones :).

img_4190-1My perfect mug was a gift that fits my needs perfectly. It does not only look good but it’s very practical thanks to an unique lock system, which is 100% leak and spill proof. Contigo mug is great for travelling as I can easily put it in my handbag without worrying it will get wet, and it keeps me warm on the go. It also works great in the office environment. I will never ever spill coffee over my laptop again!

And what is your favourite coffee mug?


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