3 Reasons To Fall In Love With Online Calendar

Online or traditional one? What is your favorite format of a calendar that helps you to effectively plan your time?  Until 2015 I used to plan in a traditional calendar, but then I realized that it is inconvenient for me to remember to have it always by my side. Using a online calendar in my phone or laptop seems more natural way of planning.

Today I would like to present to you three main pros of using online calendar that made me switch from traditional way into online based calendar last year. Currently there are many online calendars to choose from Google, Yahoo, iCloud and the apps are mainly free. If you are still wondering why so many people decide to locate their  agenda online see 3 most vital advantages.

  1. You can access your calendar from anywhere

This is one of the indisputable benefit of an online calendar. You can access and update your calendar any time as you might have your phone always with you. You can sync the app with all devices you use and even with other apps like Outlook in order not to double the entries and save some time. Especially if you work from home, online calendar will help you to better plan your day and balance both private and professional life.

2. Create more than one calendar

Why have only one calendar if you can have more? Having a traditional version you need to stick to just one, but with online version you can switch between calendars and better coordinate your agenda divided in several areas like projects, business priorities or personal affairs. You can share it with your work colleagues, family or friends. You can invite people to attend at some events and see if they’re responded in order to better manage your appointments.

3. Set reminders and recurring events

With a traditional calendar at the beginning of the year I had to run through the past year and decide which recurring events are to be replicated. With online calendar you can easily set a recurring appointments or events like anniversaries, birthday or reminders. This will enable you to plan in advance and keep your to-do list on track. Once done you do not need to worry about it next week, moth or year. If there is a possibility to automate something, go for it!

Recently we have recommended to you five traditional calendars, which you can see here. Are you a fan of online calendars? Which functionalities do you prefer to use?

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