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5 Netflix Series For Long Winter Evenings

Watching series in the evening is always a good idea, but winter time seems to be just perfect for that! We have prepared for you 5 totally different types of Netflix series you might enjoy. After a busy day at work, find some time and get to know our 5 favourite Netflix series.

  1. Suits

Watching a job-related series after work? Why not? The series is already available in six seasons on Netflix. It takes place in New York at one of the best law firms. It gives an opportunity to see the best and worse sides of being a lawyer. It is full of exciting stories, where Mike and Harvey show their insane ability to grasp the law and think outside the box. Season 7 of ‘Suits’ has been confirmed for 2017 so you have some time to catch up in case you are fallen in love with it!


2.   The Crown

This is one of my top discoveries of Netflix this winter. This a beautifully made, exciting story of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Prime Ministers located in the times of post war Britain. You will have a unique opportunity to have a “sneak pick” at  Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. ‘The Crown’ is full of passion, power, love and intrigues on the court.


3.   Oragne is the new black

I would never say that I would be so much into a  woman prison series! ‘Orange is the new black’ is a series about Piper Chapman – a young woman who committed a crime and was sent to a women’s prison. The series is full of exciting affairs and conflicts that are universal and valid not only among prison fellows.


4.   Vikings

I have discovered that ‘Vikings’ was the 9th most pirated TV series across the US in 2013  so I believe this is the pretty convincing argument to give it a go as it will be available on Netflix in 2017. ‘Vikings’ tells a story of Ragnar Lothbrok. The series is full of adventures of his family, tribe and warrior fellows. You can discover the beauty of Nordic tradition and legend.  Vikings’ characters are so real and settings are divine. If you love history presented by great actresses you should watch it!


5.   Chef’s table

This is a totally different series among all mentioned above. ‘Chef’s table’ is Emmy-nominated docuseries that gives us an unique opportunity to discover how international culinary stars work and redefine the world’s cuisine. Each episode is dedicated to another chef who shares  what inspires them and how they have discovered their individual styles. Cooking is an art, so get to know its evolution in style.  This series is extremely fascinating regardless if you are into cooking or not.


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