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Are you listening to music while working? Does listening to music make you more or less productive?

According to Daniel Levitin, a cognitive neuroscientist and the author of “This is Your Brain on Music” listening to music will make you less productive, which he proved in his study that people performed worse on a memory task when they listened to background music, compared to when they worked in quiet.  It is said that listening to music takes up some of our brain capacity, meaning that if you are listening to the music and working, fewer resources are left for the challenging work. Surprised? 

According to Levitin you should listen to music for circa 15 minutes before start working, which will put you in the better mood and help you to relax and focus before a complex task. You can also take a break every few hours and listen to music for 15 minutes. Another studies shows that is there is a huge difference on what type of music are you listening to while working as it might boost your productivity by influencing your mental and  emotional state of mind.

So what to listen in order to make the most of it? The answer is not simple as it depends on the type of work. See some of the tips.

  1. Working with numbers – Go classy and choose classic music that will improve your accuracy. Classic music will draw your attention to details.
  2. Working to meet deadlines – Pop music will be your best friend while working on getting things done. It will make you work faster.
  3. Working to find solution – Thanks to a dance beat you will be able to achieve a better overall performance and find desirable solutions easier.

There are many ways to find ready suitable playlists according to your needs. You can look up for such playlists on Spotify, Tidal or Youtube. And what are your ways to incorporate music into your work?

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