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8 Facts For 8th of March – International Women’s Day

The 2017 theme for International Women’s Day, focuses on “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”. Work environment is changing, with significant implications for women. Let’s get to know 8 interesting facts in the world of work and become a successful woman at work.

1. Woman are taking higher education

More women graduate from high school, attend and graduate from college, and earn post-graduate degrees than men. In 2012 71% of women and only 61% of male are high school graduates according to the Pew Research Center

2.  Europe – place for women

When it comes to gender equality, the best places for women are in Europe. According to Gender Inequality Index top 5 countries were Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

3. Maternity leave

Sweden offers the most generous maternity leave policy, with 56 weeks paid at 80 percent of citizens’ salary, and 13 additional weeks paid at a fixed rate thereafter.

4. More Women Go For Their Own Businesses

30% of all businesses are owned and operated by women, though other research has put that number closer to 40%. Between 1997 and 2014, the total number of businesses in the United States increased by 47%, but the number of women-owned firms increased by 68% — a rate 1 ½ times the national average.

5. Women’s industry

The industries with the fastest growth and greatest share of women-owned firms are educational services, health care and social assistance, entertainment and recreation. 

6. Woman earn less

Unfortunately the higher women climb in the work world, the harder it is for them to earn what men are paid. According to the studies the apy gap across all occupations between men and women is 77,5%.

7. Executive boards not for women

In Fortune 500 companies, women hold only 14.6% executive officer positions and 16.9% of board seats.

8. Women are more loyal emploee

It seems women are more engaged in their work than men. A study showed that women were 33% engaged at work, whereas men were  28% engaged. Remember that when having your year end review with your boss.

Surprised? Realizing women’s economic empowerment requires change so that women are not left behind. Go girl!


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