All About Hands

Many women focus more on their face and less on their hands, feeling like no one really sees them. Here are 5 points to convince you that it’s not true:

  1. Business handshake makes a difference

Your handshake provides one of first nonverbal cues about your personality so make sure you will not waste this chance to present your professional business style. Strong handshake conveys confidence and emanates trust. Especially important in meetings and winning clients. Business etiquette is another topic you should explore if you want to master how to run effective meetings.

2. The power of gestures

You never get a second chance at a first impression so pay attention to your nonverbal behavior. Pay attention to your hand gestures so that they are not annoying or misleading. Do a research on your business partner cultural background to make your communication effective and overcome cultural barriers. Hand gestures may mean a lot so they cannot hurt your integrity.

3. A manicured hand is a manicured life

Women have been getting manicures for years, but recently it is considered more of a necessity especially in the professional world. If you can take care of your nails, you can take care of work. Manicured hands make a woman look professional. Beautiful nails will help a woman project confidence and power. Personally, manicures is a great way to take some “me” time. If you work in traditional office environment where you still use printed documents, remember to avoid vivid colours on your nails such as red, as they easily leave marks on paper and it won’t look professional.

4. Balm for your inner confidence

Did you know that skin on your hands is one of the first places you will show signs of aging? The skin on your hands is much more exposed to the environment than other parts of your body. Hands are one of the most sensitive and intimate means of communication, and caring for them with the hand lotion can enhance our overall appearance as well as our inner confidence. If your hand skin is demanding, I would recommend the Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream.

5. Professional jewelry collection

When it comes to accessories for work noise is never good. If anything you’re wearing makes noise when you type or when you walk, then think twice before wearing it at the office. Remember that often less is more: avoid much bling and go for small posts earrings will be most comfortable for taking phone calls. My personal all time favorite are the pearl ones. A decent subtle watch will make a statement that you’re responsible and aware of deadlines.






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