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Her Majesty- The Salad

Vegetable, pasta or green salad? These are just the most popular types of salad, but the freedom of components is massive, especially now when we’re being approached by the spring. For me, a salad is a perfect take away meal I can prepare for work. All you need is to mix the ingredients in a box and take your favourite dressing with you. Let me share with you some secrets of a perfect salad.


1. Invest in fresh ingredients

 Vegetables can taste lovely without much effort if they are fresh and good quality. Even a simple salad will impress you, if you buy the crisp and perky lettuce. If possible, you can go to a farmer’s market and invest in diversity of greens. Look around to find the seasonal fresh bites e.g. carrots, cucumbers, radishes,  beans or seeds  to incorporate into your meal. Do not be afraid of trying out new flavours!

2. Dress your salad up

Prepare a few recipes for dressings that you fond of and mix them with different combinations. You can start with most popular ones like oil and vinaigrette,  mustard-honey or yogurt garlic sauce. They are pretty quick to prepare and you can blend them in a bowl or by using a simple blender.

3. Crunchy means interesting

Do not forget to spread your salad with a crunchy bites e.g. toasted nuts or seeds. Currently I am in love with  pumpkin ones. It can be also a fresh or dried fruits or cheese of all kinds. The point is to mix different textures and surprise yourself with how creative a salad can be.

3. Keep your dressing separately

For the sake of crunchy feeling of your salad, I would recommend to wait with spreading out the dressing just before the meal time. Putting the liquid sauce in a separate jar and pouring it on the top before the lunch time is the easiest way to enjoy the fresh meal at any time. The salad will look more attractive, too.

5. Prepare your perfect meal

You can pump your salad by adding meat, cheese, eggs, pasta  or any favourite protein and create a filling meat, perfect for your lunch at work. Prepare yourself by preparing some extra homemade dressing and having some salad components on hand.

And what are your ways to eat healthy at work?


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