3 Effective Compact Powders To Stay Looking Perfect All Day

If you are a busy girl, but still want to stay looking picture pretty all day long, remember to use a powder that will help the foundation to set right in during the day and will keep you shine free. I prefer to use for touch-ups a pressed powder rather than a loose one as it’s more covinient. Let’s have a look at 3 different compact powders for a flawless finish of your make up.

1. Almost Perfect Almost Powder

Choose a powder that will give your face a matte finish and covers the unevenness in your skin tone. It is crucial always to choose a compact whose shade matches your skin tone. My favorite compact powder to use during a day is Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15. It contains minerals that makes the formula long lasting.  What I like most is that you can easily apply it with a small brush attached to the package that will give you a lightweight makeup look.

2. Enjoy the Sun

During summer to important to use some UV filters to protect your skin from ageing. As many sun creams may leave shiny layer, it’s good to keep your skin oil free and matte. In order to achieve that opt for a skin toned UV protective powder. For summer season I recommend to you Sun Protective Shiseido Compact with SPF 30 that is resistant to water and sebum and provide a natural-looking finish, while safeguarding skin’s beauty for the future.  It a perfect travel-perfect compact.

3. Healthy Balance for Healthy Looking Skin

If you are looking an everyday boost of radiance that will even out that skin tone you should try Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. The texture is easy to blend and will leave you with a ultra light make up for a healthy look that is perfect for work. The package is slim and contains a mirror so it will be ideal for touch-ups during a day.

And what are your recommendations to stay looking perfect all day long?


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