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Minimalism – how to maximize your happiness?

Most of us associate the word “minimalism” with capsule wardrobe and white, Scandinavian interiors. But minimalism is more than less clothes and white walls. Minimalism is a tool that can help you gain freedom. It promotes things that you value the most and removes everything that distracts you from them. Minimalistic way of life encourages you to concentrate on items, activities, tasks, and people that bring you joy and are truly important to you.

Some time ago I discovered Mari Kondo, an organizing consultant and author from Japan. In one of the shows on YouTube, she was telling about her decluttering methods and how to keep your home tidy so convincing that I reached for her audiobook: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I followed her rules.

I spent all weekend decluttering my wardrobe. Three huge bags full of clothes left my house. I felt relieved. I arranged my wardrobe differently and started folding clothes the way she suggests in her book. After couple of months I can say that it’s the only method that let me keep my wardrobe tidy.

Decluttering of my wardrobe taught me that less doesn’t mean nothing. I didn’t throw away everything. No! – I love fashion – but I decided that I want to be surrounded only by items that I really adore.

Decluttering of my wardrobe taught me also that less means better. Yes, I have a bit less clothes, but I gained something else: I posses only items that I like and wear with pleasure. I have a better overview. I can decide easier and faster what I want to wear. I don’t spend enormous amount of time on taking care of my clothes.

Finally, decluttering of my wardrobe convinced me that I can declutter other areas of my life to truly focus on things I enjoy, love or value.

So in which areas could we introduce minimalism to maximize our happiness? We can project it on nearly all parts of our lives, here are some examples that I personally like the most:

  1. Less relationships with toxic people means more time for deepening relations you value. Invest your time and energy in people that care for you, motivate you and support you. Leave the negativity and false friends behind you.
  2. Less overthinking and less thinking about the past means more time for preparing an effective action plan and executing it. The past belongs to the past. So stop replaying certain scenes in your head that happened years ago and creating scenarios what would have been if… What helps is consciously acknowledging and rejecting negative thoughts. I can recommend daily meditation. You will gain more time for living in the present and enjoying little things.
  3. Less money spent on cheap distractions means more money for greater goals such as car, house, and travelling, etc. Instead of buying third red lipstick or a cupcake, put the money on side for greater purpose.
  4. Less information means calmer life. Everyday we are bombed with thousands of information whether we want to hear or read them or not. Social Media, TV, ads just to name a few of them. Select wisely the content you want to receive, there is nothing wrong with unfollowing a homepage that doesn’t interest you or stopping receiving notification from a person that annoys you with meaningless or stupid posts. You have the right to choose what you want to digest.
  5. Less thoughtless commitments means more time for yourself and for fulfillment of your actual goals and dreams. If you tend to take too much on your shoulders, before saying another “yes”, think if it will bring you further or give you joy.

Excessive and often even uunconscious  consumption in all fields of our lives is a part of our society. You decide how much you follow the trend and how much you focus on elements that are important for you. So what will you do next?

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