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Mentoring Matters – How to Find a Mentor And Make the Most of It

Have you ever considered to have a mentor in your professional life? Having a mentor may be a great support for achieving your goals as you can leverage from someone’s experience and advice. Sometimes it’s just helpful to verbalize your goals and let them be evaluated by an expert. In order not to end up disappointed or confused you need to learn how to benefit from mentoring sessions. Here are 5 steps to get it done right.

  1. Find a good fit
    If you really want to leverage from mentoring, find someone who you admire. It does not necessarily need to be a person from  your organization. Look for someone who has a job you want. Study a few candidates before you ask anyone to become your mentor. Try to understand the benefits you might get, based on his or her strengths and skills.
  2.   Provide a backgroud
    After agreeing on the mentoring, take care of the organizational side. Provide the agenda for each meeting. It’s crucial to present some rationale behind the need for having a mentor and outline your objectives. It’s important to set up a regular follow up sessions and directly put them into your calendars.
  3. Set expectations
    Without setting clear objectives mentoring sessions turn to be useless. Think of one to three challenges you would like to discuss and outline as precise goals as you can. Your mentor will appreciate your contribution and the session will be more effective.
  4. Be prepared to work
    If you think that you will be given ready solutions, you’re wrong. Be prepared for hard work if you want to benefit from the sessions. Be sure to have specific ideas for how you approach specific topics, or what the alternatives could be – your time is limited. You need to be creative and think outside the box.
  5. Follow up
    Give yourself some time to complete what you have agreed with your mentor. Do not forget to catch up with him accordingly to your schedule. From my own experience I know how crucial it is to discuss the progress and consult any obstacles. Having a mentor is  a great support so use it.

Share with us your views on effective mentoring?

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