Make Your Nail Polish Work for Your Work

Is the colour that you are wearing on your nails suitable for your work? Today I have prepared for you some proposals for a professional manicure look depending on the formality of your job. You can find some shades examples from Semilac palette, which is my favourite gel nail polish brand.


1. Conservative workplace

If you are working in conservative environment, this also need to reflected in your nails colour. As they cannot be exposed and pop up through vivid colours, go for polished, bright nails. Professional look consists of beige, trimmed nails that are more manageable and susceptible to chipping or breaking. If you are looking for a very flattering beige that will suit your skin colour, have a look at Biscuit shade from Semilac palette.

  1. Traditional working environment

If you are allowed to wear nail polish, but classic elegance is still required, go for red nails, which color is commonly accepted and very universal. As there are so many shades of red, from coral up to pink, so that you can play around with it, depending on your mood and season. The fact is that a classy red will go with any outfit and you can be sure that with red on your nails you will be looking beautiful and well polished. I would recommend to try on the following Semicac shades: Legendary Red  and Tutti Frutti.


  1. Casual at work

Any harsh restrictions at your work place? Lucky you. Basically, you can select any shade you want, but remember that nails are in some way accessorizing that gives professional outfit final touch, so do not go too crazy about it. I would recommend to try something delicate with a little pop like pastels, greys and pinks. Personally, I would discourage from violet and green shades as they do not suit many skin tones. Try some of my all time favourites shades: Baby Boy or Mardi Gras.


What are your favourite colours for work?

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