Do’s and Dont’s – Fragrance @ Work

Have you considered to buy special fragrance for work and another one after hours? If not, maybe you should start to distinguish between your perfume, as scent this is a crucial aspect of our work, especially if you’re working with people and at the office, where the space is limited.  Find below 3 characteristics of a fragrance appropriate for work in order to always make a professional impression. I try to pay attention to those three dimensions while purchasing a new perfume. Let’s have a closer look at them:

1. Non- invasive character

It’s really important especially for a job interview to choose a neutral, non-invasive fragrance. There might be even a fragrance policy at your workplace, same like a dress code regulations. I would recommend to select something lighter and keep in mind the same rules as for your work outfit: express your extravagant side after working hours. I would pay special attention to the fragrance range and choose one that will stay near to your skin and be rather neutral for other colleagues. Another dimension of a scent is its intensity. Trust me, your colleagues or clients will confirm this – office is not a place for heavy oriental or musk scents!

2. Durability

Very often during 9 to 5 you’re too busy to reapply your favourite perfume. Try to find a scent that will stay on your skin with the same pleasant intensity during the whole day – six hours is a decent standard.  Do not try to put too much of your perfume in the morning, as the intensive scent can be intolerable in the elevator. If you are to reapply your perfume during a day, remember not to spray it just before a meeting as most fragrances tend to be too intense  at the beginning and develop after 10 minutes.

3. Energizing fragrance

Not everyone is a fan of fruity fragrances, but try to avoid scents that will make you sleepy or less productive. Very often we have some memories connected with scents e.g. wedding or holiday, so make sure these memories will not occupy your minds too much, so that you can focus on work. You can select a fragrance with some refreshing or floral note that will boost your productivity and cheer you up. One of my favourite perfume for work is a fruity floral scent, Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estée Lauder that is completed with a delicate rose scent.

And what are your must have fragrances for work?

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