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Why Learning Foreign Languages Matters – 4 Reasons You Need to Know

In today’s globalized era knowing a foreign language is extremely beneficial either from the business or social point of view. I am not speaking here about English which is simply a must in our present reality but other languages like German, Spanish, French, Chinese or Arabic. The more languages you know the better you can understand your language and express yourself. But why to even bother if the Google Translate exists and we can get a translation instantly?

  1. Learning languages opens up new job opportunities
    Even if you can communicate in English with your clients, knowing their language will allow you to interact with them freely, understand their cultural and business behaviors. Foreign language skills are an extra point for you as a candidate and also might be a reason for some bonuses and recognition.
  2. Speaking a foreign language will help you experience the world more fully
    Discovering a foreign country and being able to chat with the locals will help you not only move easily from one destination to another, order food and buy souvenirs, it will give you a flavor of the local life, show you their way of thinking, and vision of life.
  3. Learning a foreign language keeps you younger
    Switching between two or three languages is a great exercise for your brain. It requires logical thinking and creativity. Remembering new vocabulary and grammatical rules trains your memory. Studies showed that monolingual people experience first signs of dementia on average when they are 71.4 and multilingual people when they reach 75.5.
  4. Multilingualism shapes your soft skills
    First of all, it makes you more perceptive. Multilingual people are better observers, which means they are more likely able to filter relevant information. According to a study from the University of Chicago, bilinguals are more confident with their choices after thinking it over in the second language and seeing whether their initial conclusions still stand up. Therefore, their decisions tend to make more rational. Finally, the more languages you know the easier you are able to understand your own language and express your thoughts and feelings which might be a valid skill, both in your professional and personal.

So if you are learning a foreign language keep doing the good job! Are you bilingual or multilingual and you see other advantages of it? Tell us about it!

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