Work Look of the Day – Baby Blue

Summer in the city can be challenging especially when it’s hot and you need to look professionally. My two methods to survive: 1) I wear natural fabrics. They don’t stick to my body and let my skin breath. It’s not always easy to find them in chains – so I go for those with a high percentage of cotton, linen or silk. 2) I prefer light colours that do not heat up too much. Baby blue is one of my favorite once this season. In case you have an important meeting or presentation coming up on a hot day, feel free to take inspiration from the look I chose.


Try to recreate the look:

Kolaz blue.png1.  Jacket, Banana |2. Top, H&M | 3. Sunglasses, Toms | 4. Bag, Kate Spade|
5. High-heels, Michael Kors6. Trousers, Reserved |


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