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Water Yourself at Work

As you probably spend a lot of time at work it’s really crucial not to forget about drinking water regularly. It helps you stay in shape and keeps your skin and nails healthy. As water is calorie free, you can spare a lot of calories if drinking water between meals. Water keeps you hydrated and thus helps you concentrate. Here are 3 tips on how to drink more water at work.

1. Bottle on your desk

It may sound obvious, but you will not drink water, if it’s not at your grasp. Make sure a bottle or jug of water is standing at your desk. Take a small bottle with you on a meeting. Do not think that you’re too busy to drink as water makes your brain work. You can invest in a fancy water bottle that works for all times of day.


2.  Fruity water

You don’t drink water, because you don’t like its taste? Drinking water does not have to be boring! Try to add mint, lemon, berries, lime or orange and enjoy your upgraded drink. Fruits can dramatically change how water will taste, so that it can be an alternative to sweeten drinks. You can also freeze fruits in ice cubes – enjoy!


3. Try an app

Try out drinking more water with an app. After setting your parameters e.g. age and weight the app will monitor that you drink enough water. There are many apps available – you can try Water Drink Reminder to help you to remember to drink a glass of water when it’s time. What I like most about the app is that it helps you develop good habits of water drinking!


And what are your recommendations to drink more water at work?


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