How To Wear Lipstick To Work

Right lipstick can really complement your work outfit and make you feel confident and professional. There are some universal tips for wearing lipstick at work, which I would like to share with you.

It’s hard to determine which lipstick colours are appropriate for work as there are so many work places. If you are working in the creative industry, experimenting with colours will be fine, but it need to be subtle in a proper corporate place.

Also, know the occasion in the office, if you are going for some client meeting, then it is good to wear delicate shades while if there is some casual wear day e.g. casual Friday, you can experiment with new shades as much as you want.

The lipstick you are wearing at work need to be long lasting so that you do not need to check on it every fifteen minutes. In order to make your favourite lipstick stay longer, you should use a lip liner. You do not need to have a perfectly matching one for every lipstick you own, a few basic shades e.g. pink and beige will do all work.

If you are working in a conservative environment, and need to stick to neutral  shades, you should pick a lipstick that is two shades darker than the colour of your lips, which will give your face more definition and expression. Additionally, if it will be in cooler shade, your teeth will seem brighter.

A traditional nourishing satin-finish or light semi matt lipstick will be just perfect for everyday, which is why I tend to stay away from extremely matt or glossy ones, as they do not seem very universal for every outfit.

How about red lips? If you have a very formal dress code at work I don’t see why red lipstick wouldn’t be appropriate. If you  wear a dress that is very colorful, then it might be better to opt for a more neutral lipstick that day.  Are you wearing a more neutral look, red lips may brighten up your look.

And what are your favourite lipstick shades for work?


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