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A Good Start to a Day – 9 Tips on Health, Time & Style

Starting a day in an early hour for many people might be a painful experience. Being woken up by an alarm clock? A nightmare! I’ve noticed that following a routine or some schemata in the morning makes the whole waking up process easier and more bearable. It’s like a choreography remembered by your body. You simply know what your morning steps are, so it does not cost you too much effort.

Here are some morning tips that can either save you time, gives you a healthy start or make your morning more pleasant.

  1. Warm water with lemon
    Every morning I drink a big glass of warm water with lemon. It wakes up your organs slowly and cleanses them. Remember that lemon even if it’s sour does not acidify your body. So there is no harm, if you drink it everyday. After drinking the glass of water give yourself 30-40 min before you have your breakfast. Remember also to stay hydrated throughout the day. Read more on how to Water Yourself at Work.
  2. Avoid coffee on empty stomach
    I don’t drink a coffee unless I’ve eaten my breakfast. Coffee on an empty stomach increases acidity. The high level of stomach acid creates problems for heartburn and indigestion throughout the day. I learnt to save my first coffee for a break at work where I can have a chat with my colleagues and enjoy the office atmosphere.IMG_7733
  3. Morning meditation
    I try to spare 5-10 minutes for a morning meditation. Often I perform it still in bed slowly waking up to a calming, background music. My preference is to listen to a guided meditation. You can find a variety of recordings on YouTube. Meditation helps me relax and calm my thoughts before I face the challenges awaiting me.
  4. Music in the bathroom
    I love to listen to some positive music in the bathroom while preparing for a day. Scientists have proved that your favorite tunes can boost your mood in only 15 minutes. Music releases dopamine in your brain, which leads to increase of joy, excitement and happiness.
    If instruments are too much, you can also use this time to listen to a chapter of an audio-book or an inspiring TED speech or catch up with news.
  5. Wearing perfume
    I never leave a house without a sparkle of a nice perfume. A beautiful fragrance can leverage your outfit. Just don’t over do it! Small tip: to make your perfume last longer on you, spray the fragrance in your hair instead of your skin. Here you can find more  Do’s and Don’ts on Fragrance @ Work.
  6. Choose clothes that underline your mood
    I need to admit I never choose clothes a day before. I always decide what will I wear that day when I wake up to feel most comfortable as possible with my outfit. If you are looking for some outfit inspirations to wear to work visit our Style section.
  7. Put your phone away
    Switching between social platforms, checking new pictures that appeared during the night… it’s such a time-eater. In the morning you have already a limited amount of time to get ready, don’t rip yourself off precious minutes. If your phone is your alarm clock after switching it off to put it into your handbag. You will have many more opportunities to go through all your social accounts in some queues, or when you are stock in the traffic in the public transportation, etc.
  8. Get some breakfast
    Unlike clothes I like to pick my breakfast in the night before which saves me time in the morning. I either choose it, for example what kind of breakfast shake I will prepare and buy ingredients a day before or I entirely prepare it in the evening and then just heat it up in the morning. If I am really in the rush, I prepare it at home and eat it at work. One thing I can guarantee you: I never skip my breakfast – it is the most important meal of the day.IMG_7739
  9. Don’t forget anything!
    All the girls know, that switching bags in the morning can cause some problems, especially when you are in the hurry, can’t think clear and at the end you forget all the most important things. A method that works for me is to know how many important items I should have with me, count them and develop a catchy name for it. For example I know that four things are mandatory in my bag when I go to work:
  • my purse / money
  • my keys
  • my access card to the office building
  • my phone

These items are called in Polish: kasa (money), klucze (keys), karta (access card), komórka (phone), so I called them: 4 Ks. 4K – it’s so easy to remember and now I know every time I leave my home what I need to have in my bag.

And what is your morning routine?

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