Patterns – 3 Rules on How To Mix Them Into Work Outfit

Women used to avoid patterns as they tend to be associated with restrictions and often not in line with office dress code. Whereas patterns are magic and if you will use them with finesse, they will turn your outfit from boring one into super elegant, timeless and professional. Especially in the summer I tend to switch to more cheerful items, but I realised that I do not need to resign from them and can proudly wear them between 9 to 5. Here I would like to share with you some advice on including patterns in your work outfit.

1. Focus on one item

First things first, decide which part of your outfit will be patterned. I would recommend to limit the patterns to maximum 2 elements of your look. My favourite and most worn patterned items are blouses, skirts and dresses. Get inspired by men and go for a stripped or checked suit. Another aletrantives where patterns look fantastic are trousers, jackets and pencil skirts. A total statement in your wardrobe will be patterned coat.

2. Suitable print

As important as slection of the item is the choice of the pattern itself.  A save option will be delicate prints e.g. check, stripes, dotted, smaller flowers. Abstract, huge prints are more appropriate for weekends. When it goes for colours, elegent prints need to be in elegant colours, e.g. grey, black, blue or white. I tend to stick to the neutrals that are a perfect background for the print.

3. Mix and match

If you already feel comfortable in patterned outfits, try to mix them. There is one rule to get it right which is to be colorfully consistent. If you want to match checked blouse with flowers on your skirt, I would recommend to choose some neutral colours. A timeless option is to combine different patterns in black and white.  I would discourage you from wearing pattered shoes, which may look too casual for work. When it goes for accessories e.g. scarfs are perfect choice for bright and multi coloured  patters as they can be an element that will make your whole outfit vivid and elegant.

And what is your way to style patterns into your work outfit?


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