Gel Manicure at Home – Is It Worth It?

We all love gel nail polishes as it can last up to a full month without chips, breaks, but if you need to visit a manicure salon every third week, the charm can be spoiled. I have asked myself at some point why can’t I learn to do a gel manicure by myself? These are the reasons why investing in your own gel manicure set is a good idea:

  1. One-off Investment

    You can easily calculate that this investment will pay off quickly as the manicure salon visit tend to be really expensive. Invest in professional set accessories inc. UV lamp to enjoy the salon experience at home.  Personally, I recommend to you Semilac lamps and starting kits. You can get a real ritual if you pay attention to details in order to achieve the salon effect at home.  What I have learned from making nails by my own, is that with each time your nails will look even better – practice, practice and practice.

  2. Manicure Meetings

    Why not to put manicure on the agenda during meetings with your friends? Organize some cocktails and magazines and spend wonderful evening with your girls doing your nails. You ask your friends to bring their colours and make small exchange.  Let’s face the truth: you will never use the full bottle of any colour. Personally, I like my best friend to put the nail polish on my nails for some special occasions to make sure your nails look flawless.

  3. You are the Boss

    This argument seems to be most convincing for me as it happened that I was too busy and missed my nail salon appointment. Then, it was really hard to postpone and I was made to wear unprofessional manicure for many days. Having my personal gel manicure set at home gives me a possibility to be flexible anytime, anywhere.  Also if I travel I take my set with me and I am prepared for any occasion, regardless if professional or private one.


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