5 Ways to Look Classy at Work for Less

Fine feathers make fine birds – this proverb applys also for your workplace. There were many studies examining how employee attaire at their workplace affects their self- perceptions. There are a few components of a competent business attire that will not only boost your of productivity, but also will make you look professional. Here are our suggestions on how to look classy without spending a fortune.

1. Light colours

There is something about light colors that can elevate your look. Especially if you are wearing light colours like beige, light pink or ivory near to your face, your skin looks brighter and glowing. According to color psychology, clear warm colors, particularly if they are light, will make you look friendly and professional. Get inspired by men shirt – white shirt is a must for a formal look. If you really want to look amazing, try out a total white business attire – you will look like a million dollar!

2. Get it fitted

You can buy the most expensive item, but if it is not fitted, you will look crappy. Let’s face it – your body is changing so make sure your most worn pieces fit you well. Find a tailor that will access if any fittings are needed and go for it. It can turn out that after such fitting you will wear them even more, which prevents you from buying a smilar item and actually you can even save some money. Standard sizes are for making size patterns not for being worn by people of different shapes.


3. Ironing

Yes, ironing is the key. Without sleek outfit you will never look put together. I have decided to iron all my things after washing them, because in the morning I can spare some time and have more options choose from.  My advice will be to pay extra attention to the fabric when buying new stuff – I know that if a piece is not looking sleek in the shop it will cause a lot of problems later and I prefer to spend my time in other way than ironing.


4. Delicate accessories

Less is more. Trust me – delicate jewelry looks more expensive thank massive chains. I love current trend of small jewelry pieces that do not overwhelm your look. Accessories need to be selected carefully, it applies also for bags  – XXL size may take some charm off. If you want to look chick stick to smaller bag sizes. Minimalist look is trendy and looks expensive. If you wonder what type of jewelry will be suitable for work, you can refer to our post dedicated to that topic.

5. Shoes and Bags

If you want to pimp up your look and invest in one item, I would recommend to spend more on shoes or a bag. This items can really get your look a desired direction. A decent shoes or bag can be worn many times to different clothes. If you go for a classy bag like in light grey or beige, you may probably wear it during all seasons. Personally, when it goes for bags I try not stick to any fashionable brands or trends as they may fade away after one season.

IMG_8629Maybe have you already tried out any of those tips?

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