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5 Classy Jumpsuit Selections for Work

I hear many women say: “A jumpsuit is not a piece of clothing I would wear to work.” Some even go further and say they would never wear it. But actually why not? If this question has been asked, I can guarantee you someone will mention how difficult it is to go to the restroom. You will be standing shirtless in the office!

I can’t help but I see only upsides: A jumpsuit is like a dress, as it’s a one-piece dressing. You can style it, add elements to it to create a day or a night look. Choose a black piece and you can wear it the same way you would do with your little black dress. A classic jumpsuit suits many occasions and certainly brings some freshness to your wardrobe.

To create an office look I would choose a toned colour jumpsuit that covers my shoulders and legs. Avoid patterned jumpsuits as they look trashy. Jewellery accents as earrings or a statement ring will round up your look.

IMG_7080I am wearing: Jumpsuit, Mango | Bag, Sabrina Pilewicz | Shoes, Charles & Keith

IMG_7057IMG_7086IMG_7054img_7025.jpgIMG_7076If you are starting your adventure with jumpsuits or you are unsure what kind of jumpsuit you should wear to work, here is a small selection from present collections that I personally would wear to work. My favorite one is number four by Norma Kamali. Which one would you go for?


1. Only | 2. H&M | 3. ZARA | 4. Norma Kamali |5. ZARA

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