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Pack Light and Travel Hard

Travelling with hand luggage becomes more and more popular nowadays, but many people complain that it is hard to pack for a few days just one bag. For some airlines it might be even less that 8 kilo and the bag itself may weight 2 kilo. There are some secrets to pack light nad enjoy your stay to the limits.

1. Less is More

This may sound obvious but try not to over pack. First of all you may be unpleasantly surprised with the costs of excess luggage, so always have a buffer for extra space and weight.  It depends for how long you will be away, but in most places and countries you can simply wash your stuff in a hotel or local laundry. In case you will desperately need something, you can always buy it – but let’s face it – you will never get prepared for all circumstances.

2. Mix and Match

When I am travelling for a few days, I always tend to prepare ready outfits to wear. Ideally these pieces can work complementary for each other, so that you can mix them and get the synergy.  In that video you can see how to make 30 Outfits From Just 5 Pieces, where a dress can be used separately as a skirt, tube top or crop top, mixed with a blouse or thrown under a vest. Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it?


3. Sample Power

This is a key if you travel with hand luggage and your liquids are limited. Travel sizes make up and beauty products are available in almost every beauty counter e.g. at Sephora. I tend to collect cosmetics sample added to regular purchases and use them when needed. You can always stick to your favourite cosmetics and refill smaller containers. which is probable the most eco way of getting your beauty stuff on board.

4. Get Your Forecast

The first question asking myself while packing will be what clothes I will take, but it will get simpler if I already knew the weather forecast. Consider the weather of your final destination and pack accordingly. In the Internet you can easily get informed about weather circumstances. Personally, I use AccuWeather, but you can also install an app on your phone and stay updated all the time.

5. Get Informed

The more research you make, probably the less stuff you will pack. Ask your hotel if a hair dryer or slippers will be available. Your AirB&B host will be pleased to present to you the equipment that prepared for his guests. Plan your trip day by day and decide what you want to wear for each activity. You may need some sporty shoes for sightseeing or camera for documenting your trips. After all packing light is not that tricky.

And what are your tips to down size your hand luggage?

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