Motivation @ Work – 5 Ways To Boost Involvement in Your Team

Every company will fail without motivated employees. If you are a team leader you should realize what drives your team members to work harder. How to boost morale, achieve a higher staff retention rate and improve performance? It is said that each person has a different personality and working style, but there are some 5 universal ways that can dramatically improve motivation in your team.

  1. Recognize

Money recognition is always good, but actually it’s non-monetary reward that makes you feel really acknowledged. It can be an official recognition during a meeting, but also a daily interaction with your colleagues and supervisors. Personally, this is what motivates me most – this gives your work purpose and makes you feel needed. If you are to give a positive feedback, remember to be specific and honest. Please refer to our blog on how to give a meaningful and constructive feedback.

2. Respect Work-Life Balance

Work or personal life? If your job makes you to make such decision, this is not your place. Work-life balance will improve your motivation and make you realize that your company values your time. According to Hay Group study “More than one in four employees at organizations who perceived no support for work/life balance plan to leave their employers within the next two years, compared to 17 percent of employees who feel supported.”

3. Take Care of Relationships

We are team players in most of the situations at work. We naturally want to belong to a group, where we can seek support and recognition. Very often there are different personalities that need to accept themselves and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  Strong team spirit is what transforms a bunch of people to  a greatest resources for each company. It’s manager’s job to take care of positive atmosphere at work as it makes an employee to stay and work with wonderful people for many years.

4. Radiate Positivity

After all, you spend at your workplace so much time, that I cannot imagine dragging myself to work every single morning. What motivates employee is an open communication that creates positive atmosphere. You need to feel being a part of a company, which won’t be possible without positive discussions and brainstorming that gets people involved. Being honest and keeping staff informed about any issues will reinforce the feeling among employees that they are important.

5. Relax

Yes, this is correct – in order to stay effective at work, you need to have a space where you can relax. Studies reveled that informal areas in the office like lounge,  game rooms, kitchen, where employees can take some rest and recharge their batteries can boost their productivity. Such places can also help you to reconnect with your buddies and take care of your relationship at work.

And what motivates you at your work?


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