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5 Easy Money Saving Tips & Secrets

In order to do some savings you can either earn more or save less. Sounds obvious? Not necessarily as for many of us it is really hard to put aside some amounts every month. Here are our top 5 tips on dealing with money:

  1. Secure Your Income

In order to save money you need to have a reasonable income. Secure your income by a stable job agreement or try to get a long term clients.Investigate how much an equivalent jobs on the market are paid. Be honest with your competences and accomplied courses and stay ambitious. If you will not believe in yourself, no one will. Comparison income studies are available online so get familiar with them.Calculate how much you earn per hour, which might help you to realize if your spendings are not exagerrated.

2. Track Your Spending Habits

You will never improve your financial situation, if you will not aware of your spending habits. You can begin to track my spending habits by using apps like Mint or simple spreadsheet. This may seem monotonous and pointless but without it you will not understand what your money was actually used for.  7-day-challenge can help you get on track  by monitoring your spending for a short period of time.

3. Think Twice

30-day rule can appear really hard, but at the same time effective for woman spenindg a lot of money on impulsive shopping. Try to wait 30 days to decide on a purchase. Very often after a month  you will make sure if the urge to buy has passed. If you are still convinced to purchase something anyway, waiting 30 days will give you the satisfaction that your money was worth spending.

4. Stay Reasonable

Stressul day at work? Fight with your friedns? Or maybe you are simply bored? It’s easy to justify spending money just to relax from stressful day at work or to find some activity. Buying a new pair of shoes will not make you happy for good, so it might be wise to find other ways to reduce your stress for good.  Stay ambitious and think about your goals for which you want to spend your money.  Articulating your goals and dreams will make for you easier to stick to a plan.

5. Avoid Temptations

Shopping centers are packed with temptation, which you should avoid unless you do know really well what you would like to purchase. Avoid making appointments in shopping centers. I would discourage from going shopping with friends, who tend to spend a lot. Once or twice a week you can have a day where you spend nothing other than budgeted-for things. Accoring to the experts the smarter approach is to invest your money in items you can enjoy the most, thereby we should reduce purchasing temptations.

Hope that this rules will help you to design your better finacial life. Do you have any tips you can share?

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