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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad When Taking a Relaxing Lunch Break?

Have you ever eaten your lunch in front of your laptop to speed up with your work and be more productive? Is your job highly target oriented and you tend to think the longer you work, the better results you will achieve, even if your body tells you to stop? Hold on…

According to a study that examined recovery from work during workday breaks, park walks at lunchtime were related to better concentration and less fatigue in the afternoon through enjoyment. Participants that made some relaxation exercises during breaks at work could better concentrate in the afternoon via detachment. In addition, relaxation exercises were directly linked to lower levels of strain and fatigue in the afternoon.

This stresses the importance of breaks at work. So instead of worrying about 30 minutes spent in the park or a longer lunch break with your coworkers, try to acknowledge the relevance of a break and make it a fast part of your daily routine to achieve a greater work-life balance. Here are some tips on how to start:

  1. Plan it

    You can’t take a break, because your calendar is bursting at the seams? Simply book 30 minutes for yourself as you book the time for your coworkers and clients. People will see that you are busy at this time and won’t bother you. Use this time to gather your thoughts, have a proper meal and relax.


  2. Set up your eating habits

    Your brain needs a proper nutrition to function. A lunch should help keep our blood sugar level – the body’s fuel system which draws on glucose -stable. If we skip lunch, our blood sugar level drops and we become irritable, and lose concentration. However, remember not to over-eat – I don’t know about you but a too heavy lunch makes me sleepy. Eating lunch (and not only) regularly can help to maintain a good figure and prevent you from reaching out for snacks as your brain will remember when is the next meal to come. Avoid eating in front of you computer – we eat then unconsciously, too fast and we all agree, it’s a way nicer to enjoy your meal with a company.

  3. Reset your brain & activate your body

    Spending eight hours in the office in the same position doing similar type of work, might be exhausting for your body and mind. You need diversity to keep your level of concentration on the top. If you only can leave the working space even for 10 minutes, go outside to catch the fresh air and see a different scenery. I guarantee you a short, mindful break can increase your effectiveness and reduce your stress level.


If you have neglected taking lunch breaks in the office, it’s time to change your habit without feeling bad. We would love to hear how are you spending your lunch breaks and with whom – share your experience with us!

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