How to Style Pink with Class?

When I was a little girl, my favourite colour was pink. I was embarrassed to admit it as already from my early years I have known that pink is associated by many with sweetness, naiveté and childishness – and I wanted to be the mature one.

IMG_9509Now, a few years later ;), I still like pink, and finally can wear it with confidence. It might not be the first colour choice when composing your professional wardrobe. But I can assure you, pink can be worn at work.


So if you like pink, here are some tips to make it look good in the office:

1. Pink Plus One

If your job doesn’t belong to the creative business, a total pink look from head to toe might be a no go in your office, especially if your profession is in banking or legal sector. Pair pink with other natural colours that will neutralize the intensity of it. White, beige, olive, grey, khaki, navy, brown or black are a perfect match.


2. Sweet, Sweeter… Stop!

Pink is sweet anyway so there is no need to add tones of ruffles and frills to your outfit. The simpler the style the better. If your organization’s dress code is very strict you can choose a light pink, traditional shirt and combine it with a pencil skirt or trousers. If you have more room to play with, you can go for a statement piece in a stronger pink shade. Remember to choose just one trendy item of pink clothing per outfit.

IMG_95073. Accessorise

Pink is a prominent colour so you can be sure people will notice you. If you have never dared to wear pink before, a first step would be to start with the accessories. Purchase a pink scarf, earrings, handbag or lipstick and feel the pink vibes.


Sweater, Mohito | Trousers, Mango | High heels, McArthur | Bag, Zara | Hat, Vintage

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