‘I Have Nothing to Wear’ Dilemma Solved in 5 Steps

This scenario may seem familiar for you: you are in a hurry in the morning and are standing in front of your closet thinking too long what you should wear. In order to limit theat amount of time we have prepared for you 5 tips that will help you to build your wardrobe that you will enjoy wearing and select outfits in the morning more efordlessly.

  1. No Basics

The reason why you may come across problems in the morning can simple: too many trendy items. Your cupboards may be full of clothes but if you are missing a solid base, you may have problems to put your clothes together every morning. Make sure your wardrobe contains such universal pieces like black and white T-shirts, blue jeans and black trousers. A white shirt and black pants will always look put together and smart. Almost all high street brands like Zara or H&M do have a whole range of basics available all year.IMG_20171016_194458_805.jpg

2. No Fitting

Even if your clothes are amazing and you have great style you will have no use of if they will not fit you well. No matter how fancy or expensive your wardrobe will be, it need to be in good condition –  cratchy, stained or messy pieces are a no go. Do not lie to yourself that you will loose 5 kilos soon and do not keep things that are too small as they will not make you feel fabulous.

 3. No Variety

If after opening your closet you can see items in the same pieces like jeans in similar clolours you might have an impression you have nothing to wear. Your wardrobe is monotonous and this is the reason why you do not get inspired. The ideal you should desire is to have a few pieces that compliment your style and go well with each other. In order to avoid last-minute “nothing to wear” dilemma think about a few pieces or ready sets that you can always rely on e.g. jeans and blazer or floral dress with leather jacket etc.  Discover that few components of your style and go for it. Personally, I have limited time in the morning I put some dress on, or go for a shirt with trousers, which makes me feel looking neatly for work.

4. No Overview

You may have problems with choosing your outfits as your closet can be overloaded. If you can cannot see the variety of things you posess, it may take more time to find the right match in the mornings. A well organised wardrobe provides multiple benefits, and the appeal of being able to easily match outfits. You can also organize your closet by seasons, which is a great way to get inspired and see what pieces work together.

5. No Shopping Plan

Going shopping without a plan will not bring you longterm satisfaction. Make a short list of items you need based on your everyday experience e.g. plain dark trousers you can match with blazers you already have or light coloured blouses that you can pair with your patterned skirts. Sticking to that plan will help you to build a wardrobe you will enjoy wearing efordlessly.

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