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How to make most of your weekend?

Knowing how to plan a perfect weekend is really crucial for both your mental and physical health, especially if you’re going through a stressful time at work. Learn why getting rest is so important, get ideas for different ways to relax, and check out what to do in order to get the most of your weekend.

  1. Have a Plan

Having a plan for a weekend? Trust me, having a solid plan for your weekend guarantees that you will feel satisfied and full of control over your time and life. Try to spend some time on Friday or during a week to reflect what needs to be done and what activities you would like to include. Prioritize and create a plan that you will be fond of. Otherwise, you will spend your weekend in front of a TV or computer complaining about the time going to fast. Get your things together and stay efficient – it’s your time so you are in charge.


2. Have a Change

Make your weekend to a memory. Experience something extraordinary that you not tend to do during a week. You may not only share your experience with your colleagues at work on Monday, but what is more important you will spend some quality time that will enrich you as a person. If you are spending most of the time during your week in front of computer, try to have some active excursion to the woods, or a picnic with friends. Discover the places in your area and in the suburbs. Attend some course or meet old friends. If you have a stressful job, a relaxing bath in the candle light can work miracles. Such change is extremely important for stimulating your brain. Personally, I love to meet friends or attend family gatherings connected with good food and wine. I find jogging and swimming most relaxing after a stressful week at work.

3. Have Some Rest

Nowadays, it is said that people forgot how to rest. Especially if you are self-employed you may tend to keep on working e.g. checking your mailbox all the time. First rule is to let yourself to get rest. ‘Without rest, we’re constantly charging up the body for an emergency,’ says Jonathan C. Smith, PhD, director of the Roosevelt University Stress Institute in Chicago. ‘It would be like running your motorcycle or vacuum cleaner at high speed for 24 hours a day. Eventually, it’s going to wear out.’ Rest is not laziness. Rest is building breaks into our lives before we collapse. Many women prioritize needs of others before themselves, which is a straight way to burn out or depression. Find the way of getting rest that suits you most: it can be a meditation or a massage.


4. Have A Clear-Out

A stack of papers on a table, magazines thrown out on a sofa – all such clutter can stress you or prevent you from an effective relaxation. Take a few minutes to get your space organized and cleaned. You do not need to spend two days on thorough clean out, but there are some essential places that require your attention. Having a clean bathroom will put you in the good mood every morning you enter it. Your kitchen including a fridge needs to stay hygienic – make sure your waste from last week is gone and you can plan your meals. Personally, I also try to have a clear out in my bag, as I tend to carry with me some things I do not need any longer or documents that must be filed. Doing this once a week makes me feel organized and ready for new challenges.

5. Have Quality Time

Weekend is perfect for taking care of people that are important for you. Reflect on your relationships and plan some quality time with them. You can go out for some lunch or invite your friends into your place. Plan some walk with coffee with your soul mate. Having healthy relationships is very important for your well-being. Researchers have found that people who have social connections to family, friends and community are happier, physically healthier and live longer. The number of social connections isn’t an indicator of happiness, necessarily. Our close relationships must be healthy relationships in order to influence our happiness in a positive manner.

Any ideas out there on how to spend a weekend you will truely enjoy?

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