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Success Starts on Friday – Get Organized with KPI- Life Weekly Planner

Friday tends to be a more relaxed day since people start to think about their plans for  the weekend. If that scenario sounds familiar to you, you should get to know how to improve your productivity for the upcoming week by spending some time on a Friday to be more successful on Monday.

1.  First things first

Are you asking yourself about your priorities? In fact you should, as based on them you will be accessed. Take some time during a weekend and get focused on the next week top assignments or projects you will be involved in. I know from my own experience that very often I am too busy answering ad hoc email queries and my priorities get neglected. Studies show, that by checking your mailbox even sporadically you can get distracted from the core task you work on – in fact it will take you additional 23 minutes to get into it once again.

2.  Calendar review

Get ready for the next week by reviewing your calendar. I know that if I am chaotic on Monday, other days will reflect that too. I am not talking about completing your next week’s tasks on Saturday or Sunday, but trust me: by Monday you will forget a lot. So have a quick look at your calendar and set up some follow ups or reminders for next week. It will spare you a lot of time and will bring a natural continuity of your work.

We have prepared for you a template of a weekly planner in two different colours. You can download it, print it out and keep it on your desk. How to use the planner? The planner offers a space to write down your tasks for the whole week and weekend and set up your daily priorities. You can also plan your meals. Do not forget to include what you will do for your body and mind and at the end spend 5 minutes reviewing your week. Enjoy!

Click here to download the KPI-Life-Weekly Planner



3. Email clean up 

Do not underestimate the power of fresh start in your mailbox. By having your mailbox on track during a week, you will not spend a lot of time on Monday by keeping up with mail traffic. Having all emails read or addressed has some soothing effect and gives you a signal that your work is under control. Can you imagine a better way to start your weekend and relax?

4.  Reflect

End of the week is a perfect time for reflecting on your current situation – ask yourself a question if this is the direction in your professional life you would like to follow. While talking to my colleagues I know that many of them skipped that for years and complain now that it is too late for them to change their career. It’s always worth taking some time to consider any changes in your life and take some decisions. The best way to reassure the future is to create it.

5.  Thank yourself

Looking towards end of the week creates an opportunity to summarize some projects or reflect on your accomplishments. You can leverage from that and express your gratitude for the work that was done. Especially if you are a manager you should remember to thank for your team members who contributed to the succesful projects or brought good ideas. You will be surprised how this can motivate them and let them feel appreciated.

We would love to learn what are your tips to successfully start a new week?

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