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Office Christmas Party Guide – Part 2

Are you expecting a Christmas party? As work-life balance is a key, we have prepared for you 3 most important Do’s and Don’t of Christmas Party savoir vivre.

Do #1 : Attend

Attend or not attend? Even if all employees are invited to join Christmas party, many people are not sure or choose not to join. There are many reasons why you should attend it. If you will not appear, your buddies may have an impression that you’re being a bit of a snob or your boss may even take it personal. Remember that Christmas party, even organized outside working hours, is a business event and your presence matters. What is more, you will not miss any Christmas party stories being told for the next months…

Don’t #1 : Stay away from office gossip

The rule is not to spread gossip or rumours while Christmas party. It’s easy to forget that you are attending a work related event and talk too much about your colleagues or supervisors. Do not get caught up on gossiping, epecially after few drinks. Office gossip is the last thing you should do if you want to be perceived as professional. Avoid publishing pictures on social media with you partying with your buddies as they may feel embarrassed or disppointed after all. Be known as a good networker, not the company gossip!

Do #2 : Networking

Networking is the greatest take away from Christmas party event, so make the most of it and become a master at networking! A lot of our accomplishments are a result of our contacts with people we spend time with. For me an easy trap to fall into is to stick to someone I like and stay with this person for the entire party. Grow your network and connect with people outside your department. You don`t know what the future holds for you. Instead mingle with people you don’t know, be attentive and maintain eye contact when you speak to them. Avoid business and boring talks.

Don’t #2 : Talk excessively about work

Finding appropriate topics to discuss during Christmas party may be a challenge, but do not worry!  Instead of reverting to generic chatter about the weather, try tacking on a question to get the conversation going in direction both sides would enjoy. Party is not the best time to ask for promotion or a pay rise. Instead, present yourself as an interesting person people will remember and by sharing your experience and passions. No matter who you have the opportunity to talk to, you can make the most of it, if you know what to focus on! Do not make inappropriate jokes, sexist comments or racial remarks.

Do #3 : Respect dress code

OK, so you are looking forward to attending the party,  considering which dress would take the breath of your colleagues away. Maybe you will even buy a new pieces for that special occasion. There’s nothing wrong with putting extra effort, but when choosing your Christmas party look, remember that too short or tight, revealing clothing may not be appropriate to wear in front of your employer and colleagues. Knitted dress could be a perfect choice – just have a look at our proposal.

Don’t #3 : Drink too much

If you want to have only good memories from your Christmas party you should know how many drinks are enough for you. Otherwise you may fall in trap of free bar and become a Christmas party ‘incident’, people will be talking about even long after the party has its end. Drink in moderation as Christmas party is still a business event where you are among senior management and your coworkers who you will need to confront next days.


Let your Christmas party be amazing this year!

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