3 Common Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid @ Work

Are you afraid speaking publicly about your achievements? Not sure, if you have right competencies to accomplish a new task? Or maybe you are not especially proud of your current role? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, get to know 3 common mistakes that women tend to make at work. It’s time to reflect and do something about it!

  1. I am not sure

Many women doubt their abilities and feel insecure when they are confronted with a challenge at work. No matter how thoroughly prepared a woman might be, she will feel unprepared, whereas a man will feel even more prepared than he really is. According to the studies companies employing women in large numbers outperform their competitors on every measure of profitability. Woman competence has never been more obvious. So why to undermine your abilities? Listen to an empowering speech of Sheryl Sandberg,  CEO at Facebook, who tries to answer the question why smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions?

2. It’s not perfect

The pressure for perfectionist is omnipresent. And social media make it even worse… You want to look fantastic and have both professional and private live flourishing. If something tends to get out of control, you may feel put under pressure of being permanently perfect, which may cause anxiety or even depression. Many women continue to struggle with achieving a lot as mothers and working outside the home. A survey found that women are more likely than men to experience feelings of inadequacy at home and at work, and a larger proportion felt they failed to meet their own high standards. The notion of “having it all” puts tremendous pressure on women to work tirelessly, be self-sacrificing, not ask for help, and do it all perfectly. Stop pleasing other people and make sure you are doing what values for you. Do not wake up one day realizing that ideal probably doesn’t exist- it’s time we stopped striving for something else and started celebrating what we have now.

3. It’s nothing special

I am working so hard, why no one sees it? Do you often feel not appreciated enough? Maybe that’s partially your fault. Many women are afraid to promote their efforts and patently wait for someone else to speak about heir achievements on their behalf. In fact no one else will do it better than you. Celebrate even smallest of your wins and keep track of your successful projects and initiatives you were part of. All that matters! Do not be afraid to share your ideas on meetings – speak up! Surprisingly, when I was browsing on the Internet on ‘women talking about their success’ phrase, the first hit concerned me ‘successful women talking about their failure’, which tells a lot…

And what are your recommendations to stay a successful woman at work?




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