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New Year’s Resolutions For a Better Work-Life Balance – Not Only In 2018

According to a recent Stanford and Harvard study, stress that we experience at workplace is as harmful as second-hand smoke. A better work-life begins with giving yourself a time to reflect. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reassess your priorities in both private and personal life. Actually, you do not need to wait until 2018 as the best resolutions are those that can are implemented right now. Here are 4 resolutions that might help you to find a better work-life balance in the new year.

  1. Delegate more

Do you tend take on your list all the tasks? If yes, there is no wonder why you may feel exhausted and have no time to do anything else! Let someone else do some of the tasks for a change. Delegation is the key to a healthy work-life balance. Create time for yourself by delegating at both work and at home. Year end is a good idea to review everything you’re doing and determine if there are additional duties that can be delegated. You can follow similar approach at home by considering hiring professionals for house cleaning or  switch to e-shopping or grocery.

2. Take time off

Make regular plans to take some time off. It does not need to be three week exotic holiday, but also a three-day weekend at home. Such value time is crucial to recharge your batteries and stay motivated. Short breaks avoid your productivity from declining. After a vacation, 64 percent of people say that they are refreshed and excited to get back to their job. The researchers discovered that vacation-related joy and happiness peaked after eight days away. Think about it when planning your next holiday.

3. Develop and Learn

It can be connected with both either your private or professional life. Learning something new expands your skills and enriches you as a person. Stay curious about the life and do not be afraid to ask questions. Developing yourself is an important part of achieving a healthy work-life balance. Learning across our lives is essential for staying up to date in an ever-changing world and keeping up with our younger colleagues at work or kids at home. What is more, developing yourself in new area provides you new opportunities and the chance to try experiences that might be relevant for your job and in personal life.

4. Connect

Join a network or just connect with people. Networking is really great, especially if you run or plan to start your own business. You can tell others about your entrepreneurial ideas or home challenges and hopefully get a solution in order to easier achieve your goals. Make the effort to be a part of a group and it will pay off providing you with more success. You can also offer your skills and become someone’s mentor, or a volunteer in some cause that you want to support. This will gives you a feeling of  fulfillment and better balance between work and home.

Achieving work-life balance is like maintaining a good relationship, so you have to keep working on it. Try our new year’s resolutions throughout 2018! Feel free to share with us what helps you to stay balanced in your work and personal life.

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